Why We Do It?

Your bracelet selection initiates a series of positive actions.

When you select one of our eco-friendly bracelets, you’re doing more than letting your friends and family know you support the planet’s health. You’re setting in motion a series of actions that starts with using recycled materials to keep debris out of our oceans, then planting trees in deforested areas and caring for them so they reach maturity. The end result is a tree that delivers oxygen, absorbs harmful emissions and helps sustain the planet.

Forests and rainforests are “the lungs” of our planet earth. Although there is ongoing scientific debate on the subject, some estimates report that more than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen is produced in the rain forest alone.

But due to deforestation, many areas can soon be reaching points where they are releasing more carbon than is absorbed, which would be cataclysmic for our planet.

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The Ecoalition Movement

Ecoalition is a cause-based business and movement launched with the sole purpose of protecting ecosystems and natural resources that ensure the viability of the planet and life itself.
In this effort, Ecoalition empowers people around the world to make a difference in the health of the planet. When you select one of our eco-friendly bracelets, you’re not only setting in motion the process to plant a tree in your name in a deforested area in need in Brazil, you’re also keeping debris and waste from seeping into our soil and waters. And there’s more. Our bracelets provide you with a wearable, daily reminder that everyone should do their part to protect our earth.

Our Mission
Ecoalition is focused on planting millions of trees in deforested areas in Brazil, with the goal of protecting the Amazon rainforest, and helping to keep waste and debris from entering our soil and waters.

The Power of Your Tree Will Make the Difference

In a single year, an acre of trees absorbs approximately six tons of harmful carbon dioxide from our environment, while at the same time releasing much-needed oxygen to help sustain life on our planet.

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The Planet Needs You

The recent news and research showing we are fast approaching our last chance to save the rainforest ignited this mission. Our goal is to empower people around the world, just like you, to make a difference by providing YOU with the ability to remotely help support the health of our seas and plant and care for a tree in the rainforest.

With your selection of an eco-friendly bracelet, you will help keep our oceans cleaner by giving purpose to recycled materials, keeping them out of our seas. You'll have YOUR tree planted in the rainforest, but you'll also ensure that proper care is provided during the crucial first few years of the tree's life. The care our reforestation partners offer ensures that your tree has a 98% success rate of reaching full maturity.

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Join The Movement

What is the Ecoalition Movement?

When you select one of our eco-friendly bracelets, you’re helping to keep our seas clean, and ensuring a tree will be planted and cared for in the most deforested regions of Brazil with the end result of protecting the Amazon rain forest. You’re also opening the door to something larger: helping tip the scales back in favor of life itself. We’ve launched the Ecoalition Movement for those who would like to plant more trees or make annual donations to support areas needing reforestation. It’s both a club and special recognition. Members of the movement receive special offers, stickers, T-shirts and other accessories to highlight their involvement. That will encourage others to join the movement to support our seas, trees, and planet.

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